Day: March 6, 2023

Prayers for Work

Forth in thy Name, O Lord, I go My daily labor to pursue; Thee, only thee, resolved to know In all I think, or speak,

Prayers Concerning Suicidal Situations

Dear Lord, It grieves and saddens our hearts to hear of suicides in our student population.  It would be wrong for us to make assumptions

Prayers for Marriage

Traditional             O God, our Heavenly Father, protect and bless us.  Deepen and strengthen our love for each other day by day. Grant that by

Graduates or those in Transition

“Father, as these graduates enter a new chapter of their lives, we pray that they would find peace in your perfect sovereignty, steadfast love and

Prayers for the Unborn

For those who are tempted to have an abortion, that they may recall the love God has for them and choose life. For all health

Cleansing Prayer after Praying for Others

Lord, thank you for your ministry through us.  We acknowledge that You alone are Deliverer and Healer, and we gratefully relinquish any responsibility for ______

Prayer For Addiction

Douglas McKelvey 209 Every Moment Holy Vol 1 p. 165 A LITURGY FOR ONE Battling a Destructive Desire Jesus, here I am again,             Desiring