Vendor Application

Promote Visual or Written Arts or Artistic Workmanship

The journey to becoming a contributor on Alabaster’s Ink Well includes Interest Form, Application, Interview, and Invitation

Alabaster’s Ink Well will do the following: 

  • Maintain an attractive and secure website that draws customers to the site for encouragement, gifts, credible business and missions listings, and other resources for a flourishing life. 
  • Will pay the vendor a total at the end of the month. 
  • Will charge 5% for each item sold.  Alabaster’s has a boutique website business model as opposed to a large ecommerce site. 
  • Will determine if a product meets the standards required for sale on this website. 
  • Will vet vendors in order to encourage a community of peace. 
  • Will pray for each vendor and their success.  
  • Will maintain various types of information on the website pertaining to Christian service, relationships, discipleship, and wellness, including a directory of recommended service providers.  

The vendor will do the following: 

  • Package and ship product within three days of order. 
  • Handle shipping and handling costs.  Returns will come to vendor for replacement if damaged.  (Strategy in process)  
  • Considering a no return policy other than if product arrives damaged.  (Also in process) 
  • Provide attractive images with accurate prices that will be linked directly to vendor store on Alabaster’s Ink Well.  Vendor maintains his or her store with up-to-date information and products.  
  • Pay an administrative fee of $95.00 upon joining and yearly thereafter unless there is a rate increase.  
  • Be willing to be in regular communication with Alabaster’s.  Relationships are valued.  Please openly submit comments or suggestions for things that need to be addressed, and we welcome any requests for prayer.  This needs to be a supportive environment.  “Art nurtures community and community nurtures art.”  (Author and songwriter Andrew Peterson) 
  • Alabaster’s provides resources for hearts to draw near to the One perfect in beauty. One connotation of alabaster is purity of devotion.  Because both written and visual arts are intensely dynamic and able to woo or repulse others from the love and holiness of God and because Alabaster’s is a business founded on the Christian message and convictions, we ask that artists, writers, and referral sources ensure that their offerings align or do not negate Alabaster’s Ink Well’s mission and faith statements.  


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