O God, our Heavenly Father, protect and bless us.  Deepen and strengthen our love for each other day by day. Grant that by Thy mercy neither of us ever say one unkind word to the other.  Forgive and correct our faults and make us instantly to forgive one another should one of us unconsciously hurt the other.  Make us and keep us sound and well in body, alert in mind, tender in heart, devout in spirit.  O Lord, grant us each to rise to the other’s best.

            Then we pray Thee add to our common life such virtues as only thou canst give.  And so, O Father, consecrate our life and our love completely to Thy worship, and to the service of all about us, especially those whom Thou has appointed us to serve, that we may always stand before Thee in happiness and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


            Our Father in Heaven, we join our hearts and hands before Your love and ask for y our blessing of our life together. 

            First, we come to you, praising and thanking You for the wonderful gift You have given us, in making us one.  We hope to always keep Your love and example in our marriage as we live each day and year.  May we worship and serve You, above all, remembering You as the foundation and hope for our life together.

Net, we pray for our individual needs: Most importantly, may we experience a deeper and stronger love for each other that grows and is expressed I every word and in every act that we share.  May our trust and belief in one another be complete and sacred, an outgrowth of our faith in You.  Therefore, let this love for each other and for You be reflected int eh way we speak—with kindness, patience, and understanding—never seeking to hurt, but to heal—neither to doubt, but to trust.

And finally, our Father, may we truly bring out the best in each other.  As we see Your truth and love in each other’s lives, may each of us be inspired to return them, patterning ourselves after the earthly example of your divine Son, Or Lord, Jesus Christ.  In His name we pray.  Amen.

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Amanda Chambers

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