Alabaster’s Ink Well: Three Streams

Alabaster’s Ink Well began with the hope of helping friends find a way to share their creative verbal, visual, and other works of the hands and heart. Providing an outlet for artists combined with the goal of encouraging others to know the Creator God led to compiling resources for Christian growth spiritually and emotionally.  Since community and relationships are part of growth, Alabasters includes missions and business directories that reach around the world.  God’s work is not divided into secular and spiritual, but He is Present in all spheres.  From these three goals came the three offerings – or streams – of Alabaster’s Ink Well: e-commerce, Christian resources, and missions and business directories.

There are three more streams that intertwine with the marketplace, resources, and outreach communities—beauty, Imagination, and Truth interplay in the Alabaster philosophy. Beauty trains the imagination, and both beauty and imagination can lead the spirit and heart to grasp Truth more substantially.

Our hope is that the reader and explorer will find a home at Alabaster’s Ink Well.  Authors, artists, vendors, and business owners, we invite you to complete the appropriate application.  Building a community requires patience and understanding and yields strength, encouragement, and joy.

Picture of Amanda Chambers
Amanda Chambers

Owner, Alabaster's Ink Well


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