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Alabaster’s Ink Well: Three Streams

Alabaster’s Ink Well began with the goal of helping friends find a way to share their creative works, combined with the hope of encouraging others to find abundant living through knowing the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, Jesus.  Increasing connectivity and promoting businesses and missions completed our vision.  From these three goals came the three offerings – or streams – of Alabaster’s Ink Well.

The first stream is a marketplace.  The second comprises resources for spiritual and emotional growth, which includes a blog series launching in January 2023.  The third stream promotes Christian outreach around the world and businesses run with integrity through a dedicated directory for each.

Our hope is that the reader and explorer will find a home at Alabaster’s Ink Well.  For missionaries, businesses, artists, and authors, we invite you to join us by completing the appropriate application.  Building a community requires patience and understanding, but it results in strengthening those who are a part of it.

*“All truth is God’s truth.  All truth can be twisted to serve the ends of human pride and arrogance, and that happens far too frequently.  But it can be straightened out again; and the way to do that is to ‘take it captive’, to make it change armbands, to bring it on to the right side There is no insight, no vision of truth, so noble and lofty that it cannot be perverted and made an instrument of human pride.  Likewise, there is no small glimmer of light, no faint echo of reality, so small or corrupt that it cannot be taken into the service of the world’s creator and rightful Lord.” (N.T. Wright, Paul for Everyone, 2 Cor. 10:1-11)

Amanda Chambers
Amanda Chambers

Owner, Alabaster's Ink Well


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