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Alabaster’s is a vessel to contend for hearts to draw near to the Creator, who is perfect in truth, beauty, and imagination.  Because both written and visual arts are intensely dynamic and able to woo or repulse others from the love and holiness of God and because Alabaster’s is a business founded on the Christian message and convictions, we ask that artists and writers, even though they may not believe, ensure that their offerings align or are neutral to Alabaster’s mission and faith statements.  

The journey to becoming a member of the registry on Alabaster’s Ink Well includes Application, Interview (with summary of work and recommendations), and Invitation.  

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Complete the application on the right and agree to our Mission Statement and Philosophy.

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The business registry helps support the cost of the website, the resources and the mission’s directory. The fee is $100 per year per listing.

Business Directory Application

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